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Unless sold by us directly as stated in the listing, all information, pictures and prices are provided by the sellers. We have not seen these instruments, therefore cannot guarantee accuracy and cannot be held liable in case of any disputes. Buyers need to contact the sellers directly, if interested in any of those instruments listed for sale on our web sites. The entire transaction of a sale is between the buyer and seller only, we do not take part of it and therefore do not charge any commissions.

Reference Guide:

These are descriptions and pictures of musical instruments that have been around. We are not scholars, therefore the information is not based on scientific research, which is very sparse, it is merely a collection of details of what we saw and were told about these instruments.


Terms and conditions: General

Prices are in US$, excluding shipping, handling and insurance, or duty, taxes, brokerage fees where applicable, unless otherwise stated.

All instruments have to be prepaid including sipping handling and insurance by Bank Wire Transfer. PayPal payments have to be preapproved. Please contact us before sending money or placing a bid on eBay.

Instruments can be returned for a refund of the instrument price, only if they have been clearly misrepresented, by obtaining an RMA (Return of Merchandise Authorization) number via e-mail within 24 hours upon arrival, unless otherwise arranged in writing. All items have to be sent back the following business day by UPS / FedEx / USPS ground, or Postal Express Mail / UPS / FedEx Expedited for overseas customers. The RMA number has to be clearly marked on the address label and postage has to be prepaid including insurance for the full value. A tracking number is required. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Send e-mail to receive further information about the instruments currently listed:

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sometimes e-mail addresses do not work as they should.

Please, do not call! Contact us by e-mail. There is hardly anybody around to answer your questions by phone. Thank you!

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