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Gautrot Marquet, Paris A very rare alto Sarrusophone, engraved: Gautrot Marquet, breveté s.g.d.g. à Paris. A soprano sarrusophone by this maker is in the Smithonian museum # 210932. All brass body in good condition, all original, needs cleaning, plays nice but it wouldn't hurt to do a pad job, two small dents, length 67 cm. Early Musical Instruments, antique Alto Sarrusophone by Gautrot Marguet
Alto Sarrusophone, ca. 1865
Evette & Schaeffer - Buffet Crampon, Paris A good silverplated Tenor Sarrusophone bearing the original stamp: Buffet Crampon & Cie. à Paris, Evette & Schaeffer, Ance Mon Buffet Crampon & Cie, 18 & 20 Passage du Gd Cerf, Paris, 149, made in France. Also stamped with the seller's name: Carl Fischer New York. Good original condition with the usual wear, some scratches and tiny dents, restored to playing condition some years ago. Comes with original case and original reedbox including some old reeds. Total length 71.5 cm or 28 1/4 inches.

Evette et Schaeffer (earlier Buffet-Crampon) used the occasion of the Exposition Universelle de Paris of 1900 to reintroduce the complete sarrusophone family. The key positions had been made completely identical to those of the saxophone. The Sarrusophones à méchanisme perfectionné Système Evette et Schaeffer are advertised in the 1907 catalog at about the same prices as the best saxophones of the same register; nevertheless, from 1919 to 1923 only forty-nine sarrusophones were manufactured, of which twentytwo were contrabasses in E-flat. Between 1920 and 1930, French manufacturers stopped producing the sarrusophone.
Early Musical Instruments, antique Tenor Sarrusophone by Evette & Schaeffer, Buffet Crampon
Tenor Sarrusophone early 1900s
C. Mahillon & Co., Brussels, London Nice Contrabasse à Anche bearing the original stamp: C. Maillon, Bruxelles, 27. Good original condition, the usual dings and scratches which are normal for this kind of age, nickel plated, nickel 100% in place, all the keys work and springs are good, pads probably need to be replaced, two original bocals and a little case with two original reeds, total length 103.5 cm, bell diameter 24.5 cm, diameter at the bocal 1.6 cm. Early Musical Instruments, antique Contrabasse à Anche by C. Mahillon & Co.
Contrabasse à Anche, ca 1870
Gautrot Marguet Contrabass Sarrusophone, bearing the original stamp: Gautrot Marguet, Brevete s.g.d.g., a Paris. Also bearing two round stamps with a 42 and a G. Earlier restoration, pads and springs look good, needs set up, very nice original condition, some dents and scratches, original case and bocal, total length 114.5 cm, bell diameter 16.7 cm, diameter of bocal 2 cm. Early Musical Instruments, antique Contrabass Sarrusophone by Gautrot Marguet
Contrabass Sarrusophone

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